Sprawdź poprzez SMS

This is another service offered by Fonreg. It allows non members who do not have a data plan or access to a WIFI network to Check if phones have been reported Loss or Stolen.

The cost of the SMS checking depends on the Mobile phone Network operators cost plus Fonreg fees. The fee of SMS Checking also depends on which country Checking services are performed. Please choose your country, language and currency to obtain an accurate cost of SMS Checking services.

It's possible to check used electronics using your mobile.

The cost of performing a check by SMS is £3.00 (inc VAT) plus your standard network charge for sending a text message.

The charge will appear on your next mobile phone services bill or will be deducted from your air-time credit if you are a pay as you go customer.

When checking via SMS you are confirming that you agree to the CheckMENDterms and conditions.

If you encounter a problem please contact us on 01453 853520



SMS checking instructions

  1. Locate the serial or IMEI number of the property you want to check.
  2. Send a text message to 83010. The message should read 'check', then leave a space, followed by the serial or IMEI number. If you want the results sent to your email address, leave another space followed by your email address. 
    Example: check 0126440017485 me@example.com
  3. You'll receive a total of 2 messages in return providing a positive or negative result.

Important advice before preceeding. Please provide all of the digits in your serial number but DO NOT put in any spaces, hyphens or dashes etc.