About Fonreg

Fonreg aims to become one of the world’s leading sources of intelligent information for crime prevention.

We combine industry expertise with innovative technology to deliver critical information to the general public via our Fonreg platform. This information can be accessed online via mobile phones, tablets or computers.

Fonreg is owned by MobileReg.Limited UK. The company's registration number is 10440713 and was launched in 2015. .

The aim of Fonreg is to provide a safe environment where members can BUY, SELL, CHECK IMEI NUMBERS, and REPORT LOSS or STOLEN mobile phones.


We at Fonreg believe everybody should contribute to crime prevention. There is an increasing trend of mobile phone crimes, therefore, by registering mobile phones and reporting lost or stolen mobile phones we can help reduce crime.


Fonreg is FREE for members. Our goal is to reduce crimes that are related to mobile phone theft.

Crimes derived from mobile phones theft usually involve aggression, kidnapping, violence, burglary, etc. Tracking a stolen phone could help locate a criminal who has committed other serious crimes.

Fonreg aim is to create a database of registered Stolen and Loss phones in different countries. This will make it harder to sell stolen mobile phones aboard.

All Fonreg members can check IMEI numbers for free to determine the status of any mobile phone.

IMEI numbers can also be verified on our Fonreg IOS and Android Apps or via SMS checking services