Why Fonreg

Due to the increase in Mobile phone crimes which frequently involve aggression, violence, burglary, etc. We decided enough is enough


Mobile phone crime soars

Mobile phone thefts surged last year with more than 700,000 handsets stolen.

A Home Office report revealed today.

Dailymail.co.uk 2014


Law Enforcement Sounds Alarm on Cell-Phone-Theft Epidemic

Law-enforcement officials are demanding that the wireless industry and lawmakers take new steps to quash a thriving black market for stolen phones

Time Magazine 2014


We decided to create a platform where members can register their mobile phones. They can change the status of their mobile phones when they have been Stolen or Lost.

Fonreg would send information to the Mobile phone operators and the Law enforcement agencies of all stolen IMEI numbers of mobile phones.

Just as the vehicle registration has helped reduce car crimes, Fonreg can implement a similar strategy with the assistance of relevant government institutions to curb mobile phone theft. Fonreg does not cure crimes but aims to prevent it.

Missing person charity Foundation ITAKA (in Poland) states that the only item a person takes when they leave their home is their mobile phones. Tracing the last checked location of a missing person mobile phone can help determine the last known address of the missing person.

Fonreg member have free IMEI checking of mobile phones.

If Fonreg can help save one life, then we have achieved a lot as a company

Fonreg is proud to be at the forefront of Crime Prevention and Fraud prevention. Fonreg aids its users to make safe and legitimate mobile phone transactions.