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Checking IMEI


Fonreg solutions provide intel:

Fraud prevention

Crime investigation

Transaction verification

The resulting solutions that we provide are often combined with our considerable data resources and branded services, then are delivered to clients in real-time.

All mobile phones have a 15 digit IMEI number. The IMEI number is divided into the TAC number which is the first eight digits. The TAC number identifies the Make & Model of the mobile phone. The remaining numbers represent the unique identification number of the mobile phone.

When a Fonreg member registers a mobile phone on Fonreg, they must include the IMEI number of the phone. If the Fonreg members phone was Stolen or Lost. They only have to change the STATUS in their account. Fonreg will then add the member’s IMEI number to the DATABASE OF STOLEN and LOST phones.

Fonreg also receives information from Mobile Phone Operators of LOST, STOLEN, BARRED or BLOCKED phones.

Fonreg allows members interested in buying a mobile phone to check our database for the status of any phone they are interested in. If the phone is registered in our database as STOLEN, LOST, BARRED or BLOCKED, we will advise the potential buyer not to buy.

All Checking of IMEI number is registered in our system. We have information on the locations and IP addresses.

Checking IMEI numbers can be done online, via SMS or on Fonreg IOS and Android Apps.


Buying phones

Avoid buying stolen property. Fonreg allows our members to check if the mobile phone they are interested in has a dubious history.

Nobody wants to buy a mobile phone which has been used in a serious crime or has been blacklisted. Members can protect themselves from future prosecution by making a simple check of the IMEI number.


Selling Phones

Fonreg provides sellers the perfect opportunity to sell their mobile phones to potential buyers without the suspicion or risk of handling stolen property.

All phones listed for sale on Fonreg are checked against information stored in our database. Sellers can assure the buyer that they will not be buying a BARRED, BLOCKED or phones which have been reported LOST or STOLEN.


Change of Ownership

All phones registered by members on Fonreg are certified as been owned by members.

Members can change ownership details if they sell their phone or pass them on to friends and family.

All that is needed is to enter the new owner’s details. Fonreg would contact the new owner to notify the change of ownership.


Fonreg Pays You FPY

Fonreg cooperates in partnership with Mobile phone operators, Mobile phone manufacturers, and mobile phone insurance companies. Fonreg searches for the best deals on the market.

Members can buy new mobile phones, sign contracts with mobile phone operator and mobile phone insurance companies via FPY services.

Fonreg will share any commission or payment from our partner with the Fonreg member that took up the offer.


Not only do we think about your security we also try to make our members richer.


Fonreg Secure Payment FSP

There will sometimes be problems between Fonreg members when trading phones such as;

Faulty Mobile Phone

Cosmetic conditions

Lack of accessories

Different models

Fake phones

The list can go on forever. FSP works as an ESCROW. The buyer deposits the funds needed to buy the mobile phone with Fonreg. The seller sends the phone to the buyer.

When buyer confirmed the phone condition is true as stated by the seller, Fonreg would release the funds to the seller.

For more information about FSP, please visit our Terms & Conditions