Our company

Our company was created in 2015. The owner of the Fonreg brand is Mobilereg Ltd registration number 10440713. International House, 12 Constance Street, E16 2DQ London

The goal of Mobilereg is to develop a security solution.

We believe that

  • If everybody contributes in solving crime, crime rate will reduce.
  • If everybody reports crime and this information was free to use, we are certain that criminal activities will fall.
  • If all criminal reports can be unified on one single database, and everyone realise that they are being watched or checked via new Technologies such as smartphones, Apps or Mobile phones

Then crime rate will plummet.

All our databases would be linked to a central database. We plan to offer our system to Mobile phone operators and Governments to help solve and track crime.

“It is better safe than sorry”

Our team has many years’ experience working in the mobile phone industry. We plan to launch more security products under the Fonreg brand in the nearest future.

Crime prevention begins with us.