Mobile Phone Operators

Fonreg aims to work with Mobile Phone Operators (MPO) in every country we operate.

Any phone registered as lost or stolen would be forwarded the MPO. The Operator can then lock the SIM card and in some cases block the mobile phone to prevent loss of data or unauthorized use of the phone.


Fonreg also works with MPO through our “Fonreg Pay You” program (FPY).

This is an affiliate program that Fonreg created to offer our members the knowledge of the offers available from MPOs and also share commissions with members.


Fonreg offers deals and discounts from our partners MPO to our members. Fonreg members may accept offers through FPY service.


Offers can include the following;

  • mobile phone contract with a phone
  • Mobile phone contracts without a phone
  • Pay as you go deals
  • Data packages and Internet Deals
  • And other offers that may be available from our partners.


This is beneficial for both MPO and customers.

Fonreg is open to assist all MPO to get new customers through our platform.

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