Help prevent Crime and get paid

What is fonreg?

Fonreg is a platform which enables members to register Lost or Stolen Mobile Phones to prevent the Trade of stolen phones. All Phones register as Lost or Stolen are forwarded to the Law Enforcement agencies

Fonreg members can Check IMEI number for Free. Fonreg members receive the best deals on the market via our Fonreg Pays You FPY service.

How to sell

Registered members are allowed to sell their mobile phones on Fonreg. Selling is very easy. Members just need to follow simple guided steps and agree to sell.

Sell your phone
How to Buy

Buyers can buy mobile phones from Fonreg members, Professional sellers or Fonreg Pays You (FPY) partners such as Mobile Phone Operators. Fonreg will PAY a % of the commission paid to Fonreg by FPY partners to members

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