Fonreg Tracking Assistant service

Fonreg can provide Tracking, Data Wiping and Blocking of Stolen and Lost mobile phones if they have been reported stolen and the owners have installed a Fonreg Partner Tracking Software.

Fonreg Tracking Assistant Service is only available for Android, Apple, Windows and Blackberry phones. Phones must have location service switch on, have access to internet and be able to download and run external software.

Due to the Data Protection Act. Fonreg is not allowed to have access to member’s mobile phone content without the express agreement and consent from our members.

Fonreg members have two options

  1. OPTION 1: Download Partners Tracking Software and members are responsible for tracking their mobile phones in event of the phone been Lost or Stolen
  2. OPTION 2: Download Partners Tracking Software and give consent and permission for Fonreg to perform Tracking, Data Wiping and Blocking of mobile phone. Member must provide Fonreg with all Account, Passwords or Keys needed to access tracking account. Members must inform Fonreg when Phone has been Lost or Stolen for Fonreg to beginning tracking services. Member must also understand that Fonreg will provide this service for FREE FOR ONE MONTH ONLY. After one month Tracking fee will be charged.

Tracking, Blocking and Data Wiping can only be performed if mobile phone is switched on and GPS location service is activated.


Tracking and Blocking of SIM CARD is the responsibility of the service provider. Your Mobile Network Operator has the responsibility of Blocking your SIM CARD.

Fonreg members have the option when reporting their mobile phone as Lost or Stolen to report to their MNOs via Fonreg (notify the Operator)

Dual Sims Mobile Phone which have 2 IMEI numbers must only use one of the IMEI numbers for tracking purpose.