Fonreg Secure Payment

Fonreg Secure Payment (FSP) is a payment system dedicated to helping both the buyer and seller resolve the possible conflict.


FSP is simple to understand.

If a buyer want to buy a mobile phone and want to be secured that the mobile phone looks and performs to the seller description.

The buyer can opt to have the payment done via FSP.

  1. Buyer transfer payment to Fonreg.
  2. Fonreg informs Seller that Buyer has deposited the funds.
  3. Seller sends Buyer the Mobile phone.

Buyer has three days to inspect the mobile phone.

  • If phone is not as described by seller, then Fonreg refunds the Buyer.
  • However, if the Buyer does not respond within 3 days or
  • Confirm the state of the phone as described by the Seller, then Fonreg releases funds to the Seller.