Why register an account on Fonreg?

Being a member of Fonreg has it benefits, such as

  • Free mobile phone IMEI number checking
  • Free membership to Fonreg SAFE
  • Use of Fonreg Secure Payment system
  • Earn money using FPY (Fonreg Pays You) service
  • Ability to place a reward if your phone is Stolen or Lost, or report a found phone


Law Enforceme​nt agencies

Fonreg works with Law Enforcement agencies. All checks made on the Fonreg system are forwarded to Law Enforcement agencies. It does not matter if the user was just checking or trying to buy a phone. Fonreg will not be used as a tool for criminals to check if a phone is Stolen or not.


Can I change my registered phone status on fonreg more than once?

Members can alter the status of their phone as often as they like. The status can be set as follows;

  • Change in ownership
  • Report phone Stolen
  • Report phone Lost

Any abuse of this change in status will result in the account being blocked and if it continues a user's membership could be terminated. 


Who can place a Reward?

Only members who have reported their phone as Lost or Stolen can place a reward for speedy recovery.  Please visit our PLACE A REWARD page for more information.


What should I do if my check result states LOST or STOLEN?

If the status of your phone check appears as Lost or Stolen, please proceed with the following steps:

  1. Record all information regarding the person who offered you the phone. It is highly recommended that you do NOT purchase the phone because it could result in you being a part of a serious crime such as kidnapping, murder, etc.
  2. Do not attempt to take the law into your hands and try to seize the phone.
  3. Immediately inform your local police department or contact Fonreg at crime@fonreg.com 


Cost of Checking

Checking online for Fonreg members is free.

For retail stores and professional institutions, the cost of checking online depends on the number of checks made per month.

SMS checking depends on the network operator and Fonreg charges.


What is FPY (Fonreg Pays You)?

FPY (Fonreg Pays You) is a reward system for members only which allows you to buy a phone or sign-up for a contract with Fonreg Partner companies, at special rates and terms. This may be a Mobile Phone Contract from a Mobile Phone Operator (MPO), Buying a phone from a Mobile Phone Manufacturer (MPM) or taking out a mobile phone insurance policy.


How does FPY work?

All Fonreg Partners pay Fonreg a commission for every contract a member signs up for via the Fonreg system. This commission is then split between Fonreg and the Fonreg member.


Can companies register multiple phones?

Yes, companies can register multiple phones. Fonreg will send an Excel application form that should be filled out and returned to Fonreg.


Can members make multiple checks?

Yes, companies and professional buyers (retailers) can make multiple checks. This is done via our API  solution.


How accurate is the Fonreg Database?

The Fonreg Database is almost perfect. But as with all things in this world, there exists a margin of error. This can be produced from criminals changing the IMEI number or Cloning IMEI numbers. It is a crime to tamper with the IMEI number of a mobile phone without the authorization of the manufacturer. If you have any information relating to such offences, please contact the Police or send email to crime@fonreg.com


I Found a phone, can I claim a reward?

Yes you can claim a reward if the phone has been reported Loss or Stolen and if the owner has set a reward. Fonreg charges a 3% fee from the amount of the reward.



This is another service offer by Fonreg. It allows non-members who do not have a data plan or access to WIFI network check if phones have been reported, Lost or Stolen.

The cost of the SMS checking depends on the Mobile Phone Network Operators cost plus Fonreg fees.