Protecting your mobile

Protecting your mobile phone

Mobile phone technology has evolved at a breakneck pace. Our mobile phones allow us to achieve more every day such as make purchases and payments with our bank accounts, social media networking, and also to make calls and send texts worldwide.

Not only have our mobile phones become an important asset that we cannot live without, but it also contains our valuable data, photos, videos or music, or other personal information. Therefore, in today's world, mobile phones have become a very tempting target for thieves and criminals

However, there are three simple steps we must take to protect our mobile phones:

* Use the security features provided with your phone

* Know how to prevent your mobile phone from being sold if stolen

* Be aware of your surroundings


Security Features

Most mobile phones have safeguards to prevent unauthorized access by third parties to use the phone in case it is stolen. Here are some standard safety features:

* Setting a PIN code model that locks your device

* Follow-up of the device's location, deletion of valuable data and locking of your mobile phone remotely, using internet software applications.

* The introduction of passwords or account identifier that prevents the thief from resetting the device to factory settings. Thus, preventing a thief to restore or reset your password.


How to prevent your mobile phone been sold if Stolen

It is important to learn everything about your mobile phone apart from just the basics like type, color, model, version, etc. Each mobile phone product in the world has a unique international identifier known as the IMEI number - This unique number is already closely associated with the device during the manufacturing process. Knowing the IMEI number of your phone will enable law enforcement agencies to help effectively identify your phone in case of theft. It also enables mobile network operators to block the stolen phone and Fonreg to prevent innocent people buying stolen or lost phones.

The IMEI number can be found in:

* Dial * # 06 # on your phone or in the "setting" of the phone

* Behind the battery compartment or near the SIM card slot

* Outside the box packaging of the phone or in the documentation you received when you buy the phone


When you use your phone, be careful of your surroundings

These three practical principles will help protect your mobile phone from being stolen by thieves and criminals:

* Public places such as concert halls, shopping malls, and urban transport (where close contact with other people is normal) are a popular place for pickpockets, especially if your phone is visible outdoors, hanging on the shoulder bag or stored in the back pocket. A smart thief only needs a moment to steal

* Think carefully when and where you need to use your mobile phone. Remember to secure your phone in public places or walking in the street. A mobile phone premium can cost up to 500 euros today. You will not be walking down the street casually with 500 euros, so why do it with your mobile phones !!

* Never leave your phone isolated in public places. We never let our wallets unattended, but a surprising number of people are leaving their mobile phones on the table unattended while placing orders at the bar, using the toilet or chatting with friends.